This exciting testimony of Themis Carmona Juarez on how Meditation and Soul Therapy changed her life. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a very young age and the doctores gave her no hope.

Themis understood that the common paradigm, that the body manifests disease “by itself”, does not make sense. It’s as if your car travels without a driver to unwanted places or your computer runs without Software!

She agreed to investigate her subconscious with me through Skype sessions and release the “programs” that caused her illness, with patience and determination, for 3 years, and even completed the Soul Therapy training step by step.

I did not meet Themis physically until  summer of 2017, when Themis had completely stopped the illness and transformed his life. I mentioned it in my book “Many faces of one Self” .

Now Themis therapist that helps people get oriented, get rid of hard diseases and patterns. . .  I also met his neurologist, who requested a conference for his medical team.

Thank you, Themis, for sharing your experience, and showing that consciousness is above biology and that all human beings deserve happiness.

The Testimony of Themis
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