These YouTube videos which include talks, workshops, retreats and performances, some can be watched with english subtitles, others in portuguese, spanish and hebrew.

In therapies, what does it mean to connect with your loved one that we have lost in a trance-guided state? It means healing our soul from the depths. And here is a mother who lost her 8-year-old son from Mexico during a retreat:

The testimony of Themis Carmona from Mexico on the cure of Multiple Sclerosis with Avi Hay through meditation: 

The testimony of Valeria Grams from Brazil on the cure of cancer with Avi Hay:

Also in therapies, here is the process of guided trance in woman to help her connect with her mother, whom she lost two years earlier, although it is in Portuguese I think you can understand::

In Portuguese, Carlos Alberto Caram, an administrator on his personal life change through meditation.

In Portuguese, Leticia Gazoni, Physiotherapist and expert in Family Constellations, about her process of healing psoriasis with meditation:

In Portuguese, by André Gazoni, a Banker, about the change in his life:

In Portuguese, Lucia Gonçalves, Renaissance therapist, about her process in meditation:

In Portuguese, Alberto Ferreira, Professor Waldorf, on the discovery of the inner child with Avi Hay:

In Portuguese, Ligia Maurici, Psychologist, on meditation:

A retreat in Israel about meditation:

A retreat of meditation in Spain:

A retreat in Brazil:

Healing with meditation in groups of disabled people:

Singing for peace in hebrew, arabic and sanskrit: 

Ladino songs in piano at the residency of my parents:  

Let’s begin with the experience of meditation with a Toucan in Brazil, first time I approached:

Testimonies of the end of course of Soul Therapy in 2017:

End of Soul Therapy Training (TDA) at Centro Sanaconsciencia June 2016:



My practice of Yoga:

My practice of TaiChi seen from a drone at Itu (Brazil):