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 A path to one Self (Spanish)




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This book is the result of many years of experience in diverse fields such as meditation, healing, science and spiritual traditions. It covers many aspects of human life: the inner quest, self-realization, the tools of the New Age, sexuality, the origins of our species and even the existence of aliens and channeling. It does so with simple and modern words, providing clarity and exercises on these issues of great complexity.

Being iconoclastic, does not seek to please the institutions or readers, and shatters the paradigm of current materialism and advocates a path out of mental slavery in order to grow emotionally, focusing on spirituality from a non-dual and holographic perspective.

It is supposed to be a valuable and challenging manual for many seekers and individuals who need guidelines on their way to wake up. Below we add the comments of some readers and you can see the presentation of the book in Coin through Yotube.

The book is already translated into English but it needs a thorough revition, so that it can be available in PDF on this website. …

“If you are a passionate seeker of awakenings, this deep work of Avi Hay will facilitate your path … The truth is that this book will probably change and transform you completely … to make your trip more enjoyable and revealing.” …

Pablo de la Iglesia  (author of Heart Content, Regain Health and other titles).

“It’s a complete book containing great wisdom and valuable information ….”

Carmen Valenzuela (Córdoba)

“Maravelous book and simple !!”

Lú Gonçalves (Brazil)

“Excellent book. I’m reading for the second time, a copy of the second edition …. Now I hope to get the second book … very recommended. Francisco Vargas (Israel)


laascarasdelser_baja_webFaces of one-Self (Spanish)




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“Faces of one Self” is an extraordinary book, especially designed for the old souls who yearn to understand the common journey of life as a trip towards enlightenment and liberation. However, this book is also a door for new readers on the subject of science and spirituality, those who want to grow in consciousness from their concept of identity as a “person”, in the universal path of Self knowledge.

It describes the awakening experiences of children, young and old people, with tips, poems and reflections to inspire readers on their path. You can read it both in an orderly fashion, from beginning to end, or consult it as an oracle, opening it intuitively on any issue and getting advice. As such, it combines science and spirituality based on consciousness, without religious labels, written in simple and modern words for the nonprofessional in the XXI century.

“It is frankly astonishing the virtue of Avi-Hay to synthesize knowledge and such subtle and profound experiences. It is a blessing for all those souls who need to get in touch with the light of the Source, heal their wounded hearts, on a path of true self-knowledge and manifested love within all of us and in this whole universe. ”

OLGA BERNAL, author of the blog “My path of the soul” and author of the book’s foreword.

“I was deeply excited while readind this book, it´s words make me understand things from my heart, and even from beyond, from infinity.” Dr. Eva Tosina, neurologist

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