Here is a short video that explains what awakening in consciousness is:

My motto: truth, simplicity, love and service to humanity!

My Teachings

My essential teachings are that living from our heart is the esssense of Awakening or what is often called “enlightenment”. Every human being projects a relative reality through thought, emotion and action, but when he or she are able to stop all projections consciously and rest at the root of their identity, they discover an absolute reality of joy, peace, love and light inside.

This teaching is No-dual and holographic because it contemplates the universe as a spherical screen, projected from a single Source of light and love at its center, where we are all perfectly synchronized interconected, when we live from the heart.

The experience of the Source, “God” or Zero Point, at the center of the hologram of creation, is reachable and direct for every human being and is a blessing to our lives as humans. Evryone can learn it through resonance, in the presence of a teacher who embodies and gradually work it through meditation and other tools, which purify the conditionings of many lifetimes and are housed in the subconscious, here and now. However it is not always a simple or easy path and it surely demands total surrender in order to reach peace, clarity, stillness and inner certainty.

Basically, the practice of meditation involves recollecting attention from the mind and absorbing it into the heart, where the intention to transcend brings unconditional rest, peace and joy. The purpose of other tools is to transform and harmonize the experiences separation along the path of the soul. I discovered that usually the practice of meditation is not enough to anchor oneself in the conscious experience of Being, which is the reason why I grouped a set of tools, called “Soul Therapy” (TDA), that facilitate healing the wounds of separation in the soul.

From my perspective, our personal appearance is an expression of the journey of the soul throughout separation, in many lñife times and if we listen to the voice of Intelligence coming from the Source as Love, we can unfold our subconscious back home, into the this reality of  our true Self. To me, the reality of the soul in time space is virtual and consists of alternating between two bodies – the physical body and Light Body – in each cycle of life, like an elementary particle, that alternates between “particle” and “wave” in Quantum Mechanics. When we realize that this “I” was created in many evolutionary cycles, and that it projects only a relative reality compared with the Absolute experience of the Source, it gradually dissolves and we conceive our identity as a pure manifestation of divinity.

This teaching is summarized in two books, A path to one Self: guidelines to the awakening of human consciousness and Faces of Divinity: your path to transcendance. They are complementary like male and female aspects (Yin and Yang) both in content and form.  A path to one Self  is book of theory and practice of Awakening, that sintecizes science with conscousness and explains how to transcend spiritual traditions. Faces of Divinity is a book, which shares and summarizes the experiences of Awakening in many people, through two stages based on a shift in our identity: from the person to the soul and from the soul to the Self.  I hope to present both books in PDF format on this website in English soon and to find a propper publishing house in paper for them.

Becoming a Seeker

To become a seeker is part of human nature and an outcome of soul maturity. Essentially, it is a universal need for our heart to attain inner rest and wholeness.

I am no not one of those who believe believe that true seekres are simply rare. Rather I feel that many times we need someone to point out to us how we have disguised our quest as a persuit in relationships, profession, health or material abundance. Then we need to be brave, to see what underlines it all and look inwards for the roots of our true identity. When we explore inner realmes of experience, we discover that these questions have been answered already and that there are tools, help and advice from others who went through this journey to Self-realization before us and culminated their search, reaching peace and certainty.

Once we find such guidance we will need sincerity, surrender and confidance to follow the path with resonance and use the tools we are given. But it is very important no to confuse the path or the tools with the personality of their instructor. These pages urges you to explore for yourself, use many tools that I devoloped and will gradually be translated, to see where they lead you. Do not take anything for granted. Eventually, our path will always be different, singualr, unique as we are all perfect expressions of the Source, Divinity, Oneness, within this hollogram of creation and all we need to discover is it’s loving intelligence at the core of our identity.


Humanity has developed mostly towards the exterior realms of experience and reached greater levels of understanding of the universe – essentially through the mind and by scientific investigation – in different fields of knowledge. Necertheless emotionally, we remain like immature children, little aware of ourselves, of who we are and of the consequences of our actions. This movement towards the exterior, towards understanding the universe by the mind is not balanced with a conscious movement inwards, towards the heart, which is the cradle of our true identity and the experience of the Self. Knowledge, science and technology did not bring us greater experience of inner or outer harmony, peace and happiness and therfore we need to consider a change in paradigm.

The current paradigm consists of conditioning, beliefs and historic, scientific, economic, cultural and religious axioms that trap humanity in a matrix which encompasses all aspects of human life. To give an example, we tend to think that: until now we have been the only intelligent race on the planet; that traveling to remote planets cannot be done due to the limitations of the speed of light and that all technology to generate energy is supposed to contaminate the environment; that it is a normal life condition to keep a great part of the human population in poverty, hunger, violence and illness, and on the other hand, to have extremely rich people, who possess private armies, banks and multinational coorporations; that upon death our consciousness extinguishes suddenly and that all we have learned and experienced vanishes, it has no meaning or continuation; that happiness is reached by being famous, rich with slim little bodies, strong muscles and by having much passionate sex; that life demands that we work in jobs we do not enjoy therefore we can not really do what we really want in life; that God is out there in the temples, the churches, mosques and synagogues, and He (or She) constantly checks or punishes us when we “sin”. Observe around you and notice how this collective mentality determines the conduct of the majority of people in many aspects of our life.

Our civilization is at a critical point, where it is almost impossible to balance the mental dispersion and materialistic lifestyle, with a proportional emotional maturity. And that is why we find ourselves fighting like children fight over their toys – pieces of land, natural and artificial resources, ideas and belief systems – instead of building our efforts towards creating an awakened human specie, united and self-aware of its common goals and of the universal codes of harmonic projection.

A shift in paradigm means a totally different view of who we are and what reality is. It can only be based upon individuals who explored their own identity and other reality frames from which this reality is completely relative. To me the physical reality is a giant hollogram with many leyers, inner dimentions or reality frames and one Source, an Absolute Reality Source, which we can experience directly within us. Some people call it “God”, Divinity and it has been given many names by saints and sages in all spiritual traditions, but it is not someone, a concrete entity who is responsible for Creation. Rather it is clear both by science and milenium spirituality that Creation springs from an impersonal Source, which is like a Great Void, beyond time and space, and that the name “God” refers to its quality of intelligence and beauty, harmony and symetry, in other words what we simply call “love”.

Portals of experience

As human beings, we grow through experiences that nourish our body (sensations), mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions), the three components that constitue what we call “personality”, or our most superficial identity. Therefore these three aspects are also  the three portals that exist to a direct experience of our deeper identity as the Source of creation.

The Body portal of Awakening involves an experience of Conscious Death,  when someone surrenders to such emotion of fear or desesperation and holds the breath like Sri Ramana Maharshi. It can also happen by clinical death, accidents or other circumstansives that pushes Awakening into the true identity,

The Mind portal is a path based on re-educating our mind to Silence, clarity and emptyness through the practice of Presence. Then our heart will gradually follow and we will reach the experience of the Source through this portal which we can also call the Portal of the Now. This path is typical to such traditions as Zen, Tao or to the christian path of silent contemplation.

The Heart portal is one based on devotion, when we are moved by our heart in the search of true unconditional love and can activate it through prayers and mantras until the mind surrenders to it and we fall into unity and bliss through the portal, also called the Portal  of Divine Love. Such was the path of some of the great mystics in Sufism, Judaism, christianity and Hinduism. We can say that Sacred Sexuality is portal that combines this seeking of love through the bodyin the path of Tantra, but it is quite rare to find people that achieved Awakening through consciously  surrendering to divinity in sexuality.

The path that we explore here, in this website, is a one of meditation and Self healing, walks the same portals in order to make this journey the most efficient. Fundamentally It is based on combining the portals of the Now (cultivating presence in our Mind), Love (activating the heart to embrace the Divine) and Conscious Death (practicing breath in the body). It also reffers to the portal of Sexuality and healing on these three levels, to enable transformation of emotional and mental conditionings. This integrated practice  is so powerful, because it only when the energy of the mind – usually disperesed by unconscious projection of attention – is consciously absorbed in the heart, and the  boy is completely open energetically, it is when we can fully ready to expand ourselves beyond appearances, embrace this relative reality and rest within, at the Source of creation and our true Self.

Inner Work

Inner Work is a concept which is sometimes also called “Self-inquiry”, and means keeping track of your progress on the path to Self Realization. Nobody can ever do this work for you just as nobody can eat your food, read your favorite book or sleep for you.

Having some discipline with meditation is completely crucial but not sufficient. An integral work with oneslf means to take care of your body with adequate exercise, balanced food and sleep; to become aware of how you nourish your mind with books, movies or other information; to pay attention to your relationships and observe what you learn in each one of them, how you communicate and where you transform those troublesome conditionings that you bring into this life; but to me perhaps the most important factor is to watch after the integrity of your heart within ordinary life, to develope sincerity with oneself through writing, talking and communication, up to the point where we learn to embrace, heal and flow with the inner needs and grow to deeper levels of wholeness and peace.

We all come to this world and leave it without bringing anything with us except for our experience, what would be the experience which you would like to take with you when you leave this frame of reality? To ask yourself periodically what are the most important things that you have come here to do and whether you are accomplishing them gradually is very important. Most seekers need to first achieve their principal goals of life to get this meturity and surrender to the flow of life coiming from the Source.  You can write a diary or simply dedicate a some time to be with yourself, to feel what is going inside of you, at the coree of your being, and see that you gain clarity, peace,  inner rest and love.

The vision

To live from the sweetness of the heart, to experience this mysterious Magic,  is a challenge for all people and not only of a few visionaries or enlightened ones. The heart is capable of understanding and resolving all the questions that the mind does not even begin to ask. In time and through the practices of consciouesness, the mind surrenders to silence and stilness, integrating a new understanding of life and permitting us to experience wholeness in the heart.

Spirituality is simply Self consciousness and to awaken spiritually means to go on a journey towards our true identity. We renounce the deep anxiety and the suffering caused by a total identification with our most superficial identity – the personality – and strive to explore who we truely are. Self-realization is a complex and individual process, a conscious remembrance of a much deeper identity, which means to connect with the Divine Source within and experience it directly. The outcome is conscious, sometimes volnurable and sensitive heart, mindfulness and unconditional surrender to this flow of life.

To me, Awakening is absolutely necessary in this crucial time of humanity. It is why so many souls have decided to reencarnate on this planet, the oportunity to awaken. The expansion of human consciousness is the only remedy to the total fragmentation of identity we suffer from as a civilization and it brings with it a complete change in our collective paradigm. Once there is a critical mass of awakened people, I believe we will begin to feel humanity as one interconnected being within totality, one that finally takes responsibility for it’s projections in this adventure of the Creation.