For whom is a session recomended?

– If you suffer from any illness, but it is clear for you that the body has no will of its own, and that it is possible to find the cause in consciousness and achieve a comprehensive cure.

– If you have lost someone close, but you know that there is life beyond death, and it is possible to receive even a loving hug and messages from the Other Side.

– If you have a successful business, but you need to improve the other areas of your life and also enjoy the process.

– If you have a pattern of behavior and it feels like hitting your head against the wall, but you also know that it is possible to live in another way.

– If you are a spiritual seeker, but have no guidance and do not want to retire to a monastery, adopt a “guru” or become a devotee of a specific spiritual path, knowing you can simply tearn to Be who you already are.

You are in the right place, I have the knowledge and experience to help you!

What is a session with Avi Hay?

A session with Avi Hay is an encounter with oneself, through a very broad vision of the path of your soul. It provides a clear perspective on your evolution in consciousness and suggests the most appropriate tools to follow in your own particular journey to Self Realization.

Currently all of the sessions are carried out in English at distance, by Skype, which allow us to see each other face to face and lead a profound and revealing process.

From my experience with Spain, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, France and more, these sessions have the same effect as physical meetings. Sessions are previously fixed by the contact  form here, take from an hour to an hour and a half and are usually recorded and sent by email. They cost differs according to the type of session and are paid by credit card in this page.

How can a session with Avi Hay help me?

Sessions focus on one or more of the following aspects:

Orientation: To help conscious people in crossroads in their lives see their highest potential as souls, from a Non Dual holographic perspective. This means that certain tasks, missions and wishes should first be accomplished by us as human beings in order to reach maturity as seekers.

Healing: To bring healing to the Soul with a set of tools, such as Regression, Reading of Cellular Memory, Circular Breathing, etc., according to the need in each case, from the depth of Self realization. The body has no will of its own, nor projects symptoms on its own, we are the ones who manifest in it from the subconscious without realizing it, so we can enter there and release the subconscious “programs” and that offers us a chance to grow in consciousness and have a spontaneous recovery.

Channeling: In many cases where people need to communicate with their deceased loved ones or receive help from their “Other Side” guides, I guide them in this process or I transmit directly to them what they want to convey from my channeling capacity.

Communication: for people whose difficulty is to communicate with their partners or children, provided tools to improve communication, sometimes in couples or family sessions.

Teaching: For individuals who are on a path of self-realization and need guidance in their practices, the sessions offer clarity, inner peace and happiness.

How are session performed?

Currently, all sessions are carried out remotely, through Skype, which allows me to meet you face to face and conduct a profound and revealing process. People specify what topic they would like to work on and their available schedules in contact form on the right, noting their telephone number and area of residence, so that I can know what difference of hours they have with Spain. I answer them by email, giving my Skype username and we decide a day and time for the session.

Prices and payment for sessions

The price for a session is 270$. Once the time and date art set, please proceed to payment in a through PayPal via credit card to account avihay.net@gmail.com.

Request for a session

To book an individual session please write to avihay.net@gmail.com and specify your country (to calculate the time difference), WhatsApp number (to coordinate a meeting easily), prefered hours/days of meeting, Skype or zoom, and the aspects you would like to work on from the above list. Thank you very much!!

Testimonies of sessions from around the world from Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Israel (use Youtube translation)

Themis Carmona (Mexico)

The case of Themis Carmona is exemplary of great courage. We worked remotely through Skype on Multiple Sclerosis, until the disease stopped and completely reversed.  Themis understood that the common paradigm, that the body manifests disease “by itself”, does not make sense. It’s as if your car travels on its own without a driver to unwanted places or your computer runs without Software. She agreed to investigate together with me the content of her subconscious and free herself from the programs that caused her illness, with patience and determination, during 3 years, step by step. The case got noticeable reviews from television, here is a program where her case appeared. Now Themis is a therapist herself, who helps people get recovered from of diseases and emotional patterns.

What it means to have a session with Avi Hay

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A cure of cancer,  Valeria, photographer:

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Getting in contact with my inner Self,  André Gazoni, a Banker:

Purifying my channel, Lucia Gonçalves, a breath therapist:

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Feeling loved by myself, Ligia Maurici, Psychologist:

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To heal through intuition, Fernanda, an company executive:

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DI found my Galactic origins, Waldir, Electronic Engineer:

Sharing the energy of healing, Luiz, a software programmer:

Discovering my  my guides, de Valquíria, dentist:

“Cutting off my head” and becoming calm, Silvio, physiotherapist:

Finally taking care of myself, Rosana, psychologist:

Reaching other lives to heal the body, Sandra:

Healing my back and neck and connecting with my life mission:

Process: Healing a 7 month pain in the foot that prevented my from walking in a normal way

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Interview “what is intuition?”

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Retreat in Brasil:

Presentation of my first book, “The path to one-Self” in Spanish

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