“Many faces of one Self”, part I,  Chapter 8: souls from other worlds and the human lesson

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Souls are “aliens” on Earth by definition, we only visit planet Earth and the physical plane to have our lesson in this multilevel school.

Each soul receives exactly the lesson that corresponds to it through Universal Intelligence in each life cycle here. According to the latest research from the Kepler telescope of NASA, only in the Milky Way galaxy can there be hundreds of thousands of planets like planet earth, so you can imagine that the universe contains as many worlds as we can conceive. The human being is only one form of consciousness among many others that exist in the universe and there are more and more souls who remember having “past lives” or evolutionary cycles in other forms of life different from the human being.

This point is tremendously important to demystify once and for all the image of the “extraterrestrial that will save us” from catastrophes or the recent image of the “alien evil” that will destroy us. As explained before, if you take into account this new paradigm, we all move in time-space between cycles in the Light Body and the Physical Body, through the threshold of the Source at the center of the sphere of creation, so as souls, we are travelers in this holographic universe. And indeed, many of the regressions uploaded to YouTube by Dr. Aurelio Mejía Mesa demonstrate the nonhuman origin in many human beings. By now there are about 3000 detailed sessions and I invite you to see the testimonies of many who talk about their lives in other planets and solar systems, under deep hypnosis.

We all come here from all over the cosmos and we have inherent wisdom from our previous journeys through space and time. We have come here of our own free will to grow in consciousness and mature.


However, the advantage of life on this planet as a school is that it can take you from the level of beginners who experiment with polarity, to the highest level of self-realization that is the union with the Source itself. It is also wonderful expression of Universal Intelligence because of its biodiversity of life. But above all it is a planet of free choice. Although it seems that our species is subject to some suffering in its evolution, we now have the great challenge of being able to transform our civilization into a balanced culture of coexistence in peace, harmony and prosperity.

Thousands of years ago it was believed that the world was like a plate and the sailors were afraid to reach the edge and fall. A few centuries ago it was also believed that planet earth was the center of the universe, until Galileo Galilei and other awakened individuals openly spoke of a heliocentric model. In the same way it is tremendously important now to break not only with the paradigm that we are the only planet with intelligent forms of life, but also that our Body of Light can only dress itself in the form of a human being. The present human being is only one intelligent form of consciousness among many others that exist in the universe and, of course, historically we have testimonies of other intelligent races visiting on the face of this planet Earth.

The fact that our official paradigm ignores or denies this possibility is only a testament to the mental rigidity and antiquated belief system that prevails. Many individuals have already discovered and remembered, others are simply “contacted”. The way to verify it with certainty is through exploration of external evidences – the archaeological sites, the scriptures and the multiple testimonies of contactees – as well as the internal and direct experiences of souls who remember experiences in other nonhuman forms.

I do not recommend approaching this subject by mere curiosity, but as part of a search for truth. Many souls seek to connect with extraterrestrials to remember and integrate their experiences out of the human from and their origin among the stars. I would like first to share briefly three testimonies of people who remember having lived or collaborated with non-human forms. Then we shall give a brief approximation of the great lesson that the human form offers us.

Perhaps my first encounter with a human being claiming to belong to another race happened in my first classes of Kabbala, at “Raíces”, a center of self-realization that I founded with my partner in Marbella in 2003 in the south of Spain. This center was not of a specific tradition, rather I invited representatives of  spiritual traditions and different cultures to teach and share their visions. We invited Hindu swamis, Tibetan lamas, Sufis from Turkey and Mexico, Christian priests and shamans to give lectures, workshops and classes.

I, at that time, was writing a doctoral thesis on the Sephardic version of The Book of Splendor and was teaching a weekly class on Kabbalah. And there was João, one of the kindest men I’ve ever met, radiating inner stillness, love and peace. To my absolute surprise, he once confessed before the group that he was of the “lizards” who formerly inhabited the earth and now has a human form. The truth is that at that time I did not have much knowledge of the subject and what interested me most was to ask him what was the secret of his inner peace. So he once explained to me: “I simply have one commitment in my life, which is never to ever hurt others.” I felt that this man was not only serious, but also offered me a lesson in love, humility and simplicity. His words and thoughts were always transparent, without fear of criticism. The other pupils laughed at João behind his back for the sincere and open confession about his origin, but in most other aspects he was an ordinary man. To me, he was an example of what can be experienced through the human form, since I soon discovered that some “lizards” or “reptilians” acted with violence toward the human species in ancient times. João gave me the books of Zecharia Sitchin, who interpreted the Sumerian clay tablets and there began a chain of discoveries about the whole subject.

Why invest so much energy in search of extraterrestrials outside if you can look inside and see for yourself who we are?

The following case happened some years later, when he had already read many books, investigated archaeological evidences in Peru and Brazil and revised the biblical texts on this subject. My perspective changed radically and I realized that the worship of the ancient Hebrews and Hindus was based sometimes on the slaughter and sacrifices of animals, sometimes of humans, oferring them to the ancient “gods” who ruled the earth.

During a session with a female M.D. with breast cancer, who had no idea about the subject of extraterrestrials or the existence of these races on the face of the planet, there emerged her earliest memory related to the tumor in his chest. At the beginning of the our reading of the body memory – a procedure of focusing directly on feeling the body zone, reading and releasing emotions – she entered the most distant episode in her memory, when he was a male shaman, forced to deliver babies and children to the “dragon” that threatened the village. She said she did it because it was the only way to defend the people from the reptilian, who otherwise would have punished and downcast all the people of the town.

Apparently these creatures controlled the human population through priests, who entered in trance to execute rituals of sacrifices and some were fed literally of our species. Her description of the reptilian face was so exact and detailed, the emotion of the inner fear and conflict was vivid and unmistakable. It was utterly impossible for her to interpret this role under such a deep relaxation and without even knowing anything about this matter. I have known the subject of breast cancer in depth for years and in general, very few cases have to do with memories so farfetched, clear or to do with other races. But as I later understood, her soul memory brought both of us to consider shifting paradigms. Being a Medical Doctor with a specialization in neurology, we studied her Existential Program, which was about to switch from conventional to alternative therapy, teaching people the possibilities of conscious and energetic healing and so having an alternative view of human history and background was her first step.

The extraterrestrial technology is not what will save us from our problems, but the consciousness who we are and the love that consolidates our fractured identity.

The next case I wish to mention is that of a relatively  young man, endowed with a great heart and much generosity. He had discovered a lifetime in a reptilian humanoid form on his own, using the holotropic breathing tools I taught in a workshop in Israel. In an e-mail he told me about his experience, in which he recalled some of his fellow reptilians used to eat human beings and looked upon humans them as an inferior specie, that of slaves or even “farm for food”, while he also mentioned others, that were teaching humans astronomy, mathematics, medicine, agriculture and taking care of them as their own children. A few years later, this man, who described a rituals of children sacrifice of children, was widowed and left with four young children. He lost his wife in a traffic accident and started to take care of his children with great devotion. He left his job as a computer engineer in the boiling pot of advanced technologies in Israel and learned the great human lesson of tenderness and love.

The Universal Intelligence acts throughout the universe teaches us humility, sensitivity, consciousness and love through the human form.

For other entities, who once looked at our specie from an elitist and contemptuous perspective, their soul was guided to receive the lesson from the “other side” and incarnate in the human form. These are not the only cases I know of humans who had lived in different forms than the human. In my 9 month course one specific session is dedicated to explore our “galactic origins. A channeled book called The prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal-Holtby, describe in detail the history of intervention on planet Earth.

I met people who remembered experiences in aquatic worlds, in complex forms that looks like dolphins and whales,  and others in strange worlds of birds, insects, or ogres. Many of the civilizations they described were based on polarity and hierarchy of power. To me it is important is to focus on our current lesson as humans and on the planet’s conscious evolution. For those who want to check the subject of past extraterrestrial lifetimes in humans I recommend consulting many testimonies on Youtube the hundreds of cases of live regressions recorded by Dr. Aurelio Mejía Mesa with clinical hypnosis.

And at the same time, I advise to read Dr. Michael Newton’s meticulous research on the experiences of the soul between lives, where it corroborates that souls consciously choose this world to perform their tasks and plans, until they learn to complete their evolution. On my path I have even learned to recognize the facial features of humans who had lifetimes in other species, but above all to completely suppress duality and conspiracy theories based on “them” the bad and “we” the good.

As souls, we could all have lived in non-human forms of life and been both “villains” or “victims.” The most important thing is to delve into the question of spiritual lesson which involves living as human beings. I met people who see this planet as a “prison planet,” ruled by evil entities, but I understand that it only reflects their need to illuminate their inner shadow. Some of these souls simply had evolutionary cycles in nonhuman forms and come here to let go of their prejudice about the human race and about planet earth, but they still resist this learning. The label of “bad” or “good” evaporates when one looks at the growth of his or her soul through time and space and discovers that there is only experience as such.

I have often heard people talk about how a disease, a terrible accident, a separation in marriage, the death of a beloved, has really been a gift for their growth and awakening over the years. Coming here as a human can be the noblest experience you can imagine, it can also be a very hard school when the soul needs to transcend duality. It is possible to see now, given the incredible number of inhabitants on earth, that many currently incarnated souls are of non-human origin. This implies great difficulties of adaptation, but also enormous potential for growth. But if the soul is simply our journey in time and space, not only are we aliens by definition, but we are here to learn that human lesson.

From planet earth we take nothing, except our own experience, so the maximum lesson would be transcendence!! As a form of consciousness, the human being needs to find an inner balance between mind and heart to feel complete, loving, at peace with oneself and with all creation. Despite the fact that it is a relatively “young” biological form of consciousness (millions of years), it teaches us respect and humility with one another. Here, on planet earth, where we can learn the value of being alive, learning to thrive, to help others and to realize our Existential Program coming from many past lifetimes. That program can vary greatly between souls and include everything from being a mother or a father to serving the species with any profession.

This variety of lessons is not possible for all species, nor the opportunity to develop compassion for the suffering of others and live with an incredibly rich and varied nature. And finally, through the human form we can walk the path of self-consciousness, towards the root of our identity and return to the experience of the Source within. The highest degree of inner growth on the face of the planet is to recognize the Creator face to face.

© M I L L E N I U M , Ediciones B &  Avihay Abohav

Souls from other worlds and the human lesson