Words of Valeria: “Thank you Avi Hay,  I am immensely grateful for your unconditional love, thaht demonstrated me how to heal myself. I admire your extraordinary mission of teaching consciousness to people. Thank you for those words, when you visited me at such an important time in my life.  You are a Being of much Love in your essence. ”

HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF FROM CANCER THROUGH consciousness in three steps:

1) ACCEPT THE CANCER AS YOUR MANIFESTATION, because your body has no will of its own foreign to you. The usual thing is to “fight” against cancer (the body included), which is practically impossible, because it means to become victims of the reality that you yourself create.

2) INVESTIGATE WHAT YOU TEACH YOURSELF THROUGH THE BODY AND APPLY THIS LEARNING DIRECTLY IN YOUR LIFE. Here too, it is necessary to transform the unconscious into conscious, not to treat the symptoms but the causes of the “disease”, which are always individual and unique to each human being, although there are common keys.

3) DEPART FROM CANCER WITH GRATITUDE. Once you have learned why  you have invited cancer into your life and applied your learning directly, it is necessary to dismiss it consciously, because you do not need it anymore and you want to recover your sense of power of healthy manifestation in life. I recommend doing a ceremony where you point to your subconscious and order the release of symptoms, with  gratitude to Universal Intelligence, that  has allowed you to grow in consciousness this way.

Thank you Valeria Grams, for your courage (as your name says) and for sharing your story. Thank you Leandro Camargo, for bringing fascinating stories to public knowledge with style and clarity.

Like Valeria, it is also Themis Carmona from Mexico, who freed herself from Multiple Sclerosis and many other brave people that I met on my way and whose stories I narrate in my second book “Faces of One self: your path to transcendence”.

For me they are testimonies that the consciousness of love is the only way for the integral growth of a human Being!