“Many faces of divinity”, part II, Chapter 48: The meaning of your life
© M I L L E N I U M , Ediciones B & Avihay Abohav

From the perspective of the Source, the meaning of your life is the meaning that you assign to it, as you are its supreme creator. To understand that means to perceive the true magnitude of your freedom.

I believe the inherent need of many human beings is to find meaning in life. In fact, for many people it is what gives the primordial motivation for becoming seekers at the beginning of the journey, when we conceive ourselves as a physical entity, a person. Then, when an individual changes his or her paradigm of identity and accepts oneself as a soul, starts this quest for the soul to discover its Existential Program and fulfill it. But sooner or later, as souls we also ask ourselves, who gave me this Existential Program, what was the purpose of all this gigantic effort to learn a profession, to relate, to create families, to fight for health, abundance, love and inner peace?

It is then that, after going through the dark night of the soul, we understand that there is no one there, that it is the very projection of many lives that has created this Existential Program, and that sometimes we act from inertia without considering what really is important for us as souls. Then we finally discover that the soul comes here to this world only to realize the Self.

Life is a movement from the infinitely abstract to the forms and back to the Absolute, beyond all forms. It seems paradoxical that so many souls come seeking the meaning of their lives, in so many lives, only to find at the end of the road that there is no “particular” meaning, not even a “universal” meaning, except to realize that you, as the Self, are the Supreme Creator. However, each human being has a unique flavor, which enriches the ocean of existence.

To meet the Supreme Creator in oneself and to understand that it is us who give a particular meaning to our life is to understand what free will means.

Religions and philosophy have tried to give a different answer to this question and have often turned to answers such as “being a good person”, “helping others”, “learning to love”, “developing our minds and thoughts”, “to teach”, “to live from inner peace”.  But all these answers are only partially correct, because the only thing we can really say conclusively about ourselves is that we have all come here to simply be. The rest depends on the meaning we want to give to our private life and it is only a derivative of simply Being, as supreme creators of our reality, that we can give a meaning to our life, something that belongs only to relative reality.

Now, why does it belong to relative reality? Because beforehand we understand that it is most likely that other people will give another meaning to our life once we have left here, so the particular meaning we can give our life is only that which we ourselves want to give. That is why it is so important to first learn to simply be and let go of any other meaning that would wish to give to our life. In any case, the pages of history, people themselves and nations have given their heroes, composers, writers, philosophers, painters a meaning to that did not depend on them or was their original intention.

And as learning just to be is the only truth in life that I recommend people to explore. The rest may be taking life too seriously and losing this good lesson which allows us to be nobody or nothing for as long as we need, remove any clothes or shell of identity and experience the ultimate freedom.

In Jerusalem, under the top of Mount Hatzofim (a mountain of “observers” in Hebrew) once lived a man, alone, in a small cave, which does not even allow him to stand. He did not talk to anyone, nor has he moved from there for the last fifteen years. He ate only a few dates and sometimes did not even have that to eat. A friend of mine came to visit him from time to time, to be in his company in silence, and even in the notes they exchanged with him, this man was “saving his words”. It is said that he had been a professor at the university and that one day he left everything, because he did not find any meaning in his life, and that then he went to live in that cave. In this last time my friend visited him, it was snowing a lot and a cold wave entered the country, but the man, whom my friend called “J”, did not even light a fire. He sat there doing absolutely nothing, imagine, how much freedom this man allowed himself to have, doing absolutely nothing!!

But he is not the only one nor has he been the first or last human who has taken this path. So many yogis, saints and sages of all traditions – such as the famous Hindu sage Vasistha, protagonist of the masterpiece Yoga Vasistha – have chosen this path. And it is not that I recommend this way to everyone, on the contrary. I believe and teach people to exploit every moment as divinity would do for itself, until we are ready to transcend completely. I think it is a teaching of humility, to look up to the sky and remember the infinite time and space, where human and extraterrestrial sagas have taken place. Where are all these stories of adventure, fantasy and romance be in a million years? Who could attribute to them a “cosmic” or “universal” meaning?

The history of this last civilization of approximately six thousand years teaches us humility and that the great works of art of human kind are those that impact our consciousness because they were born out of the seeking the ultimate reality in the art of simply Being, which is just in front of us all the time.

So act now, if you wish, as if you would leave your legacy for all posterity, trusting that in time and space, the Universal Intelligence give it the most appropriate meaning, but learn to be. That is why we are called “human being” in the first place.

For me, human being have here on planet earth a perfect school to grasp the last and most important lesson in this universe: the lesson of simply Being. I think that many old souls come here to learn this lesson and rest, at this “Forgotten corner of the universe”. It is here where so much wisdom and histories of remote and distant civilizations are newly told and channeled. But, as I hope you can understand from this book, when we change our paradigm to a Holographic Non-Duality, this place is as good as any in the whole universe, because it is all inside of you, it is what you actually create in your mind.

As a conclusion to this book I would like to invite you, my beloved reader, to allow yourself this luxury of simply Being and from there to contemplate the following verse:


With peace and love

at the Source of Life,

Being is your true nature,

the only Self that you have had

and that you will ever have.

May this open book

of your life

be written with the blessing

of choosing the true meaning

that your soul wishes give

this journey back to Home,

shining with the loving

light of immortality.


The meaning of your life