Yes, as simple as that, let us dare to ask “who or what is god? and answer this question  once and for all.

On the level of the mind it is infinite Intelligence, so you can only learn to surrender to it.

On the level of the heart it is infinite Love, so you can only learn to trust it.

One can say that we experience God when we experience that Intelligence = Love, and this has happened to us all, in nature, through relationships, musica, art and literature, science, etc.

So it is “That” which experiences itself through us, when these two parallel lines of our heart and mind meet, in a point of singularity beyond time and space, at the center of the spherical hologram, perhaps it would be a nice mathematical definition . .

But above all “That” is also a direct experience of many human beings, becuase it is truly who we already are at the root of our identity.

Nevertheless, there is no entity or human being whom you can present as “God”, with all respect to Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Zoroastr, Buda, Guru Nanak, Lao Tse, and all other past and modern teachers.

It is simply simply because “That” creates the fabric of Space-time through you, right now, so it can never be someone specific!!

We humans, tend to admire those who realized God instead of learning from them how to experience it in ourselves. Thus,  we miss the main point for which many entities come to this Earth, to learn how to experience That through the human form.

Yes, it may sound presumptuous to you, to say that about this planet and about the human form, but I only trust my experience and I remember.

To me, this is why so many souls are incarnated on the planet today, from all corner of the universe, the opportunity to Awaken!!

I have come to that conclusion after many years of teaching meditation and giving many therapies, as a form of Awakening to our nature as consciousness.

So yes, I am a “spiritual” teacher, who teaches how to experience God, through resonance, but in truth, I am simply a teacher of Self consciousness.

I don’t want anyone to become like me, because as I said you already are God, you only need to recognize it in your mind and live from it, in your heart . . .  and so, I can only teach someone how to surrender to That in the mind and trust what he or she experiences in the heart.

When you absorb your mind in the heart, you will find all the “other names” for God: silence, peace, presence, plenitude, life, existence, harmony, freedom, creativity,  joy, abundance, transcendence . . .

And also, there are many paths to reach this experience, until it becomes a recognition in your mind : meditation, prayer, making love, therapy, dance, music,  poetry, cooking, being in nature, diving . .

I don’t care which path you take, just understand:  there is great difference between a singular, even repetitive experience of That in the heart, followed by a recognition in the mind . . .  and abiding in the experience, which is simply Being, making love with existence in every breath you take.

This is the “Inner Work” or “Self Inquiry” for  “Old souls”,  to whom I address my two books, retreats, workshops, private sessions.  Those are souls who walked many lifetimes the path of separation and identification, and are ready to anchor themselves in the depth of Being within, integrate the Ego on the surface from divinity in oneself.

I predict that there are and will be millions of people in their process Awakenings and learning to abide and transcend.

So take note, from the moment of Awakening, it is life itself – intelligent and loving – will lead you as an “Old Soul”, to abide in the experience constantly, simply learn to trust and listen.

There is no destiny or  goal, nowhere you have to get, nothing you need to achieve, just  walk the path of your heart, you are always guided by Intelligence and Love.

“Be still and know That I Am.”

This is the essence of my teachings, thank you for sharing. Written in English and dedicated to the family in the USA.



Who or what is God?
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